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Therapy Session
Individual, Marriage & Couple Therapy


There are a myriad of mental and emotional factors often experienced in correlation with hormone imbalance: anxiety, depression, insomnia and stress. These factors can have a debilitating effects on your personal growth and your relationships. 

And, even once you are feeling better physically and personally, that doesn't always translate into immediate improvement at home and in your social environment. 

Therapy and counseling services can often serve as the best tool for navigating you back to a healthy environment and lifestyle.

Services provided by Pamela Angel, M.A., L.P.C.


"Individuals come to me for anxiety, depression, coaching, mindfulness practices, trauma work, PTSD, best self-work, goal achievement and to increase overall quality of life.  


Many clients are in search of support for emotional pain, this type of pain can be complicated to understand and difficult to navigate alone, sessions often focus on identifying core patterns and discovering the impact these have on everyday life. My approach is multifaceted and implemented in a non-judgmental environment.  I work with clients to achieve mental wellness and this is achieved through a holistic approach."  

Cost: Individual Sessions starting at a rate of $160.00/session

*Professional fees are based on the scale provided with the initial session forms.



Individual Sessions start at $160.00

Couple Sessions start at $180.00


I work with individuals/couples who are experiencing crisis and need same day appointments, couples that are going through relationship challenges, couples that want to transform their relationship, couples that want communication restored and couples that want to strive rather than survive.


My focuses include: the kind of life you want to build/ together, the kind of partner you aspire to be in the relationship, your individual blocks to becoming the partner you aspire to be, and the skills and knowledge necessary to create this relationship.

Cost: Couple Sessions starting at a rate of $180.00/session

*Professional fees are based on the scale provided with the initial session forms.

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