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"Optimize Health - helping you live happier and age healthier."

Medical Solutions for

Men & Women.

Rock Balancing
Optimize Health

We searched for a long time to find the right solutions that are safe for our patients, are effective, and that successfully reverse the symptoms they're experiencing...We are seeing people get back to their life, back to what they want it to be.

What We Offer 


A personalized and integrative approach to wellness to empower you with the tools to achieve your highest expression of health.

Aesthetic Therapies & IV Treatments

Taking care of your health and aesthetic needs keeps you feeling energized, revitalized and more eager to walk through life. Our treatments are designed to help you reclaim your natural youthful look.  

Image by Colton Sturgeon

What are People Saying?

Stephanie L.

I was recently recommended to Optimize for my first injection of Botox! The NP was so nice and talked me through the entire injection! The pricing was more than fair from what I had discovered during my research. I will absolutely be scheduling with them again!

Nicole G.

Optimize Health really made me feel comfortable and were very efficient. The staff were friendly. Their office in Kenwood was clean and welcoming. Plus, free drinks!

John D.

The  office was clean, the staff were welcoming and informative, and the treatment was effective. Very happy with the results.

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